Hocomaid News from Guangzhou Broadc

On October 11, 2021, the eve of the opening of the 130th Canton Fair,Guangzhou Broadcasting Network news reporter visited the marketing center of Guangzhou Hocomaid Houseware Development Co., Ltd. to conduct a special interview on the protection of intellectual property rights of the Canton Fair. 

During the interview, Shen Jianhai, Director of Hocomaid Technology Research and Development Center, gave a detailed introduction to the reporter that Hocomaid is an enterprise with more than 200 domestic patents and more than 10 foreign patents. The Canton Fair has protected their intellectual property rights during their exhibitions against piracy for years . 

Over the past 64 years since it was launched in 1957, the Canton Fair has been upgraded from an export platform to an all-around platform to boost opening-up, and enabled enterprises to enhance their confidence of technology researches and developments. Achievement of New high technology will be more easier and faster for each enterprise in future. 


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