Mayor Sun visited Hocomaid's Booth

On 26th Oct, Sun Zhiyang, Vice Party Secretary and Acting Mayor of Guangzhou, accompanied by Chu Shijia, Director of China Foreign Trade Center, and Lai Zhihong, Deputy Mayor of Guangzhou, visited the 134th China Import and Export Fair (Canton Fair) to conduct research on the service guarantee of exhibition operation, foreign trade situation and enterprise operation & development.

During his visit, Mayor Sun and his party had an in-depth discussion with VP of Hocomaid company on the enterprise's R&D and innovation, product marketing, market development and measures to deal with the current complex foreign trade situation. Mayor Sun said that Canton Fair is an important window of China's opening up and an important platform for foreign trade. We should adhere to promoting the recruitment by exhibitions, trading through exhibitions, and consumption through exhibition, so as to vigorously promote the city's economic and social development.



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